HochDrei e. V. – Bilden und Begegnen in Brandenburg

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Holzmarktstraße 12 I Potsdam

Our youth education centre Hochlland is located at the end of a quiet street, right next to the river Havel, with a lot of green space but still very close to the city centre.

Self-catering kitchens, a greened inner courtyard, bright guest rooms and individually designed seminar rooms facilitate participation, exchange and an inspiring working atmosphere. Good shopping facilities just around the corner make self-catering easy even for bigger groups and younger guests. There’s free Wi-Fi available in all buildings.
Our roofs dispose of a solar thermal system through which we get our water heated. In winter time we heat the buildings with wood pellet plants and an ecological long-distance heating.

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HochDrei e.V. – Bilden und Begegnen in Brandenburg

Haus Hochlland:
Holzmarktstr. 12
14467 Potsdam

Office in the Haus der Jugend:
Schulstr. 9
14482 Potsdam

Phone: +49 331 270 08 35 or +49 331 5813 222
Fax: + 49 331 5813 223
Email: buchung_at_hochdrei.org