HochDrei e. V. – Bilden und Begegnen in Brandenburg

Political eduation? Do it yourself!

09. to 11. March 2018
in Potsdam
supported by: Museum macht stark
responsible: Birgit Weidemann, Tanja Berger
Speaker: Sibylle Nau

What is Civic or Political education and what has it to do with past and current developments in Germany? How can political education foster integration and living together of different people? Which topics are interesting and how do I realise myself my own seminar?
In this workshop we discuss history, main principles, topics and goals of political education. With our support you get the chance at the end to implement your own ideas and realise an educational project later this year.

The seminar is held in German and Arabic (with translation). That means you should be able to speak and understand one of these two languages. Workshop, accomodation and meals are for free. We also reimbourse travel costs from Berlin and Potsdam.


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